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TGS Survey Tallied Results – Final Announcement!

Previously, we announced the in-progress results from everyone for the avex×âge live stage event held on Sunday, September 24 at Tokyo Game Show 2017. And now that the tally is complete, we will be announcing the results in installments.

For the fourth and final round, we will announce the responses in regard to the question “If an opportunity arose in the future for fan feedback to directly influence content, in what way would you wish to take part?”



Most answered saying that they wish to contribute to development costs, while the next largest was joining an online community and giving feedback there.

A total of 2064 responses from people across Japan and overseas were made to this survey. A breakdown of ages for people who gave answers is shown in the graphs below.

While this is our last announcement regarding the survey results, we would love to have everyone’s cooperation for something in the future as well should the opportunity present itself.

Whether domestic or abroad, we would like to express our gratitude for such a large number of participants in the survey and for all the feedback as well.

The results of this survey will no doubt be a great asset for us and also bolster incentive for all our staff. We appreciate your continued support for our company.


The âge Staff