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Results From the TGS Survey Round 3!

Previously, we announced the in-progress results from everyone for the avex×âge live stage event held on Sunday, September 24 at Tokyo Game Show 2017. And now that the tally is complete, we will be announcing the results in installments.

For the third round, we will announce the responses in regards to questions: “Which of these existing titles do you like?”, “Which of these anime have you seen: ‘Kimi ga Nozomu Eien’, ‘Total Eclipse’, and ‘Schwarzesmarken’”, and “If an anime / game / live action adaptation was made in the future…”




As you can see, the responses don’t dramatically differ from our interim announcement made at the Tokyo Game Show. Further, a comparison between Japan and overseas reveals a similar ratio of responses to each question.

Here is some feedback from fans in Japan that we received.

◆I’m a girl who fell in love at first sight with Valerio Giacosa—this is how I plunged into the world of Muv-Luv! If I had to be greedy, then I’d want Valerio Giacosa to shine under the sun even more! I’d really like to see a curve in spacetime that tells of his relationship with Monika, or a joint struggle in Europe regardless of the past or future with her! Not limited to Valerio, I feel that if they could somehow get hot guy characters and cool older guy characters involved in the story in a way that appeals towards women, it would really expand the scope of the game, I think. I hope to see future developments for âge and the Muv-Luv series! I’m supporting you!

◆To me, Muv-Luv is a textbook on life in general, though I can’t say that a second anime adaptation would be a smash-success. Muv-Luv is the greatest thing ever, yet it is bemoaned as something that isn’t recognized by the general public. You can say I feel like the Alternative 5 just booting up. Unlimited power. And now the company is announced as a subsidiary… which means we’re closer to seeing the Alternative 4 (From Muv-luv alternate anime)! Can’t wait!

I wanna see a Drill Milky Punch rendered in super high-quality SOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAD!!!


We also have some feedback from fans outside Japan as well.

◆A Kickstarter for KimiNozo would be great too.

◆Keep making content!


Thank you very much for helping with our survey. Join us next time as we reveal the final results!

We appreciate your continued support.


The âge Staff