Thank you very much for helping with our survey. | アージュオフィシャルWEBサイト

Thank you very much for helping with our survey.

Previously, we announced the in-progress results from everyone for the avex×âge live stage event held on Sunday, September 24 at Tokyo Game Show 2017. And now

For the first round, we will announce a breakdown by age for responses to Question 1: “How did you learn about âge?”

A significant percentage of individuals spanning all ages stated that they learned of âge from playing their games.

The next largest is individuals in their 10s to 20s who learned of âge from its anime.

Here is some feedback from fans in Japan that we received as well.

I would like to talk about Muv-Luv Alternative. This game greatly changed my outlook, opening my eyes to my cause and purpose for living and the significance for me to grow as a person. When I played it when it was first released, I made a mistake that inconvenienced many people around me. And while I felt wretched about myself, as I played Muv-Luv Alternative, I became able to face my weaknesses and what I come up short on. This game shaped me into what I am today.

Whenever I feel down or want to abandon all hope, playing Muv-Luv Alternative gives me the strength to press on.

I wish to give my support to it in the future as well.


◆I would like for you to provide more information about your products (games and more); even small tidbits of info would be fine! I feel that the wait for up-coming products is quite long. I am a fan of âge’s works, and really like the world view in Muv-Luv. I want you to release more side stories and stories that tell what happened after the original narrative, and I would even like to see more releases of less robust works like “Muv-Luv Unlimited -The day after-“. I’d also like to see more detailed settings for battle machines as well. Keep more awesome content coming!

We also have some feedback from fans outside Japan as well.

◆I love your work and I really hope you release more content in English, I’m totally backing you.

◆I’ll give you one or both kidneys if you make more good content with Meiya in it please god I’ll legit do it sign me up for the operation right now!

Thank you very much for helping with our survey. We will continue to follow up with results as they become available.

Further, those who provided an email address upon participating in this survey will be sent a special wallpaper sometime on Wednesday, October 11.