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Help Us by Completing a Survey for Tokyo Game Show

Thank you for your continued patronage to âge products.


Per the recent announcement on our official homepage and press release, the âge works copyright retainer, ixtl Inc., will be transferring its stock to Avex Pictures Inc.

Under the umbrella of Avex Group Holdings, we intend to pursue anime and game adaptations of our core business content while simultaneously engaging in active overseas development, as well as bolstering our inhouse development regime―thus promoting an unprecedented world-wide media mix fully supported by Avex Group.


And now, with Tokyo Game Show 2017 coming up on Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24 at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center, the live talk event “Avex × âge Mirai heno Houko” will be held at the Avex Pictures booth on Sunday, September 24. A live stream of the event is also planned.

* Details regarding cast members and times will be announced on the âge official homepage at a later date.

We would like to ask for everyone’s cooperation in answering a survey to tell us what topics you would like to be covered during the live talk event, what sort of things you would like to ask the creators, what future developments you anticipate for Muv-Luv, the âge overseas team (this time, we plan to have the overseas âge fan community help out), as well as things we would like to ask Muv-Luv fans.


All those who answer the survey and provide an email address will be sent a special wallpaper as a gift on a later date.


We have closed the survey. Thank you all for your help!